Wander Wax





our humble beginnings….


I love my old green bag. We went everywhere and did everything together. Hiking, traveling, picnics, or just a stroll in the park…you name it, my old green bag was with me. But after years of steadfast service, my old green bag started to look…old. It needed help, and I had no clue how to help it. I thought that my bag would look great waxed, and perhaps waxing may add some life to it. So after many late nights spent mixing and matching waxes and oils…Wander Wax was born!

Our products are 100% natural, handmade, and devoid of petrochemicals, heavy metals, solvents and other noxious ingredients found in many other products on the market. Best of all, our products are made to let you love your gear longer, just as I do with mine! REID SMITH - Founder