Wander Wax


Leather is one of the most versatile, durable and beautiful materials used by man. It can be manufactured into an endless array of both fashionable and practical products. Just like our skin, leather can get dry, brittle and thirsty and it needs to be nurtured by you.

Leather Balm is our all-in-one leather solution that conditions, waterproofs, and restores your leather gear. It uses a blend of beeswax, lanolin, pine rosin and other natural oils, waxes, and butters to provide everything you need to love your leather longer.

* Clean and dry leather before application.
* Apply a generous, even coat with a dry, lint-free cloth.
* Thoroughly coat the seam, heel, and toe areas.
* Allow wax to dry overnight.
* Buff any remaining wax with brush or dry cloth.

* Test on an inconspicuous area before use.
* May temporarily darken lighter materials.
* Not intended for suede, nubuck, or similar.
* Maintain seal by reapplying frequently.
* Use Wander Wax Leather Saver to condition leather. 

Leather Balm - 2 Oz Tin

Leather Balm - 2 Oz Tin